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  Shantou Liangsheng Textile Co., Ltd. is located in the middle part of Chaoshan Plain, the world famous underwear city. In the north, it is adjacent to Lianjiang River and leads to Haikou. In the south, it faces the National Highway 324 and Shenzhen-Shantou Expressway. It is about 50 kilometers away from Shantou airport, which makes it enjoy convenient transportation. 
  Established in 2004, the company is mainly engaged in the production and operation of warp knitting jacquard products, its products include elastic lace and flower-like surface, non-elastic lace and flower-like surface, jacquard cloth, mesh cloth, overlock cloth, eyelash lace, and so on; The products are widely used in fashion, brassieres, underwear, pajamas, wedding dresses, toys, bedding, socks and so on. 
  Our products include tricot high speed warp knitting machine from Germany, rasher warp knitting machine (such as MRSS32, MRGSF31/16), electronic jacquard yarn presser lace machine TEXTRONIC (such as MRESF31/1/24, MRESF53/1/24), electronic jacquard lace machine JACQUARDTRONIC (such as MRPJ43/1, MRPJ56/1, MRPJ73/1), RSEJ4/1, RSEJ5/1 and other mechanical equipment. With EAT design software, it provides self-developed and designed popular patterns. 
  The company owns specialized talents engaged in warp knitting for many years, from the product development, design, to production, from a single needle or a piece of thread to treatment processing after dyeing and finishing, the company carries out scientific management, makes check at all levels, implements the responsibility in each link, from dedication to work in peace and contentment, concentrates on being professional, strives to build a production service team with high efficiency, and provides a powerful guarantee for customers to offer specialized service. 
  The company will take it as its purpose to put customer first and have good credit, attach importance to quality, make innovation and development, pursue outstanding business philosophy, and is willing to work together with counterparts to promote the industry development.